26 Nov 2018 »

My paper on a novel durability solution for modern databases and key-value stores got accepted at SIGMOD 2019!

17 Aug 2018 »

Passed my qualifying examination based on research on the Strife protocol. Slides can be found here.

03 May 2018 »

A demo paper on FASTER got accepted into VLDB 2018.

05 Mar 2018 »

Our paper on FASTER, a concurrent key-value store with in-place updates got accepted into SIGMOD 2018.

16 Jan 2018 »

Lectured on cyrpto-currencies and mechanics of blockchain at the seminar. Slides can be found here.

04 Jan 2018 »

Kick-started the seminar on Blockchains and Databases that I and Shumo Chu are organizing.

04 Dec 2017 »

Delivered a presentation with Laurel on “Database meets Deep Learning” in the database seminar.

08 Sep 2017 »

Completed my internship at MSR successfully. End of a productive summer!

09 Jun 2017 »

Started my internship at Microsoft Research with Badrish Chandramouli.

30 Jan 2017 »

Myself and Brandon talked about the early write-visibility paper from Yale in DB seminar today.

21 Nov 2016 »

Myself and Dylan talked about the wonderful FAQ paper in the database seminar today. Slides can be found here.

15 Sep 2016 »

Got back to school for a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Washington!