Research Interests

I do data-intensive systems research. More specifically, my research focuses on building efficient statemanagement support for cloud applications. I have designed and built systems that cater to different kinds of state management needs.
  • Rille is a scalable deterministic and ordered stream processing engine built for multicores.
  • Faster is a concurrent key-value store with support for larger-than-memory data and efficient caching of hot working set in memory.
  • Strife is a novel transaction processing system that is designed to mostly avoid expensive concurrency control by scheduling transactions intelligently.

Recent News

26 Nov 2018 »

My paper on a novel durability solution for modern databases and key-value stores got accepted at SIGMOD 2019!

17 Aug 2018 »

Passed my qualifying examination based on research on the Strife protocol. Slides can be found here.

03 May 2018 »

A demo paper on FASTER got accepted into VLDB 2018.

05 Mar 2018 »

Our paper on FASTER, a concurrent key-value store with in-place updates got accepted into SIGMOD 2018.

16 Jan 2018 »

Lectured on cyrpto-currencies and mechanics of blockchain at the seminar. Slides can be found here.

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Brief Bio

I am a Graduate Student of Computer Science at the University of Washington. I am a part of the UW Database Lab working with Prof. Alvin Cheung and Prof. Dan Suciu. In the summer of 2017, I interned at Microsoft Research Redmond with Badrish Chandramouli on building a state-of-the-art key-value store called FASTER. Previously, I was a Research Fellow in the Programming Languages and Tools group at Microsoft Research India, where I built a scalable low-latency ordered stream processing system with Dr. Ganesan Ramalingam. I obtained my undergraduate degree from IIT Bombay, where I worked with Prof. S. Sudarshan on I/O optimal index structures for key value stores. I spent the first eighteen years of my life in the beautiful city of Madras (Chennai) in the southern part of India.